About Us

Prexenta is a product of Artexacta S.R.L. designed to satisfy the underlying need of a low price, self-managable, easy to update, but above all, a site ready in only hours.

Prexenta’s virtual showcase facilitates the opening and exposure of small and medium companies, becoming an effective sales channel which enables an approach to prospective clients.

We focus on providing your company with innovative technologies to ensure an appropriate presence on the web. We arrange for you to have the tools that help management and promotion of your company’s products and services through the use of virtual showcases and its functionalities.

Additionally, we offer tailored services according to the needs of each company.

Contact us:

Address: Office La Paz Achumani c.14, esq. Cáceres #160, dpto 3B Phone (591-2) 214 1899 e-mail: contact@prexenta.com Office Santa Cruz Bibosi # 22 Barrio Fleig Phone (591-3) 343 5838 e-mail: contact@prexenta.com Interact with us through the social Networks:
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