1.-Professional Company Showcase

Showcase your company professionally! Prexenta brings you closer to your potential customers. It is easy and simple to use. Prexenta connects you to markets and brings you the recognition you deserve.

Create your virtual Showcase in minutes without any programming.

2.-Create a virtual catalogue for your products and services

Prexenta’s virtual catalogue improves on conventional catalogues. Show your products and services to your clients in an innovative, attractive way that makes it easier to find them in the Web.

Upload photographs of your products and services, add descriptions, and include additional information and documents, easily and quickly!

Enable and disable products and services by categories. Save time managing your products.

3.-Add categories to your products and services

Organize your products and services by categories and help your clients to navigate and search through your virtual showcase.

Add as many categories as you want, including descriptions. Edit and modify them anytime for any occasion (promotions, discounts, etc.).

4.-Track your clients requests

Respond to your customer’s requests! Prexenta gives you all the information you need to track your customer requests. Respond in time and avoid losing your customers.

5.-Update your content quickly and easily

Updating your content was never this easy! Change photographs, add comments, update and modify your information. Prexenta gives you a content management system like no other.

We guarantee that updating your site will be easy, fast and effective.

Don´t have the time to update the site? We can help! Contact us for a personalized quote and let us keep your site up-to-date.

6.-Personalize your virtual showcase image

Use one of our predesigned templates and present you company with a professional design.

Search through the templates, select the one you like best, preview your virtual showcase and if you like it, save it and your virtual showcase is ready!

Do you want an exclusive template design for your company? Review our plans.

7.-Integrate your showcase with social networks

We integrate your Showcase to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). Send traffic from your social networks to your showcase.. Create loyalty with your clients and maintain a relationship with them using social media.

Don´t have social media presence? Do you need to define a social media strategy? Contáctenos. Review our plans.

8.-Reach new markets. Create your Showcase in different languages.

Create your showcase in multiple languages,overcome barriers, enter into new markets and attract new clients.

9.-Get traffic statistics on your virtual Showcase

We give you monthly reports on your showcase. Know how many visitors you have, how much time they spend on your showcase and where they come from. Take the control, properly manage your content and engage your target.

Want to receive advanced statistics and metrics? Contact Us. We will define a custom strategy for you and will give you customized reports.

10.-Already got a domain

Integrate your domain to your Showcase, follow the simple instructions and in minutes you will have your domain redirected to your Showcase.

Don’t have a domain? Contact Us. and we will help you obtain your own domain

11.-Get your personalized emails with your domain.

If you don’t have an email system for your domain, we will give you up to 20 email accounts for your company free as part of any of our plans.

12.-Hosting included

We include hosting with unlimited space. Upload as many photographs and information you want.

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